Escape From Nazi Demons

Also available on DVD and Digital Video — Runtime: 46 minutes

This is the story of Pastor Werner Oder and the spiritual battle against Israel.

Werner Oder, the son of an Austrian Nazi war criminal, was raised on anti-Semitism and hatred for Jews. He was lost in spiritual darkness and plagued by demons from his childhood. Escape from Nazi Demons tells the story of his terrifying battle with the other side and his redemptive escape from demonic powers.

"This is an incredible film. Fantastic and emotionally moving. Every lover of Yeshua who sees this will be moved by the story and moved to love Israel. I hope that many Christian pastors see this film and are inspired to teach the rich Jewishness of the faith."

— David Kiern, Writer, Director and Cinematographer.

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A Message of Courage, Hope, and Deliverance.

Pastor Werner Oder works to break the silence and reveal the truth about the Holocaust, anti-Semitism, and replacement theology.

A story of redemption, a story about hope for the Jewish people, a story of one man’s transformation from anti-Semitism to Messianic Zionism and faith in the true Messiah of Israel.

Werner Oder uncovered the secret history of his father’s involvement in Hitler’s death squads and speaks candidly about the spiritual legacy of anti-Semitism in the world of the Nazis, in replacement theology, and in the anti-Israel movement today.

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A Witness to the Redemptive Power of the God

"As the cosmic war between evil and good raged on in human history, it also raged on in the heart of a little boy with a Nazi father. This film, masterfully produced by FFOZ, reveals how a simple prayer changed this young man’s life forever. A must see for anyone who questions the existence of God."

— Kim Campbell, widow of Glen Campbell, founder of

Werner Oder is now an internationally renowned lecturer and Bible teacher, inspiring hope through the Jewish Yeshua.

Pastor Werner travels in Europe and calls on Christians to acknowledge and embrace their Jewish roots. The testimony of his personal transformation and deliverance from bondage to spiritual darkness continues to touch hearts and inspire transformation.

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Hitler: Warlord and Spiritualist

By Abram Poljak (1948)

The rise and fall of Hitler and the Third Reich and the Nazi association with the occult.

Hitler, Warlord and Spiritualist

Messianic Jewish pioneer Abram Poljak (1900-1963) believed that Adolf Hitler was possessed by a demonic being that directed his decisions and assisted his rise to power. Moreover, Poljak believed that Hitler was a forerunner of the ­antichrist. This Vine of David collection of Poljak’s writings on the subject augments his ­original booklet, Hitler: Warlord and Spiritualist with previously untranslated articles from Poljak

"This presentation is intended not only as a review but also as a view of the future—in view of a new Hitler and new wars. We believe that since 1914 we have been living in the end times and that the world will now proceed from war to war until Armageddon. The world is under judg­ment—until the return of Christ and the realization of his kingdom, his Messianic thousand-year kingdom. We believe that Christ’s return is near and we interpret Hitler, the persecution of the Jews, the founding of the State of Israel, and other events as signs of the time."

— Abram Poljak (1900-1963)

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Battling The Curse of the Nazis

By Abram Poljak (1948)

The astonishing journey of the son of a Nazi war criminal.

Battling the Curse of the Nazis

Can any good thing come out of Nazi Austria? Well, one person did. Werner Oder, and his story is one of the most remarkable I have ever come across. Humanly speaking, our paths would never have crossed. Our backgrounds could hardly be more different, yet we have become blood brothers in Christ, with a friendship founded on profound mutual respect. He could hardly have had more handicaps in life—physical, mental, emotional, social, political, racial and spiritual. But he has overcome them all, though he would be the first to say he could never have done so by himself.

Werner is an outstanding example of what the Lord can do with a broken person when he has all the pieces. He is an outstanding example of what the Lord can do with a broken person when he has all the pieces. May this book introduce you to one of his most unusual sons, with whom we will share eternity.

— From the foreword by David Pawson

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